Go Deep Aids to Navigation recognizes that marine vessel traffic does not stop when the sun goes down. For over 16 years we have provided marine beacons, lanterns, range lights and sector lights allowing for safe and confident navigation at night.

Traditionally the power required to run high intensity incandescent AtoN had to come from the power grid or “mains” power. With the advent of LED (light emitting diode) technology power needs have decreased dramatically for equal performance. This coupled with improved efficiency in solar energy collection has allowed solar powered systems to be used as a primary power source.

The location of land based AtoN is determined by the best possible performance and not by the most easily accessible location. Relying on “mains” power can create accessibility and reliability issues at remote installation sites. Installing correctly sized solar power systems creates a reliable power source without the need for subterranean or pole mounted cable connection to the power grid. This is especially important when the AtoN requires underwater cabling that is notoriously difficult to install and repair. Combined with “Remote On” capabilities what used to require substantial grid power can easily be powered by a compact solar energy system.

To build reliable solar power generators the following parameters must be considered:

  • Effective Intensity
  • Flash Character
  • GPS Synchronization
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Solar Energy Availability
  • Autonomy
  • Array to Load Ratio
  • Localized weather phenomenon
  • Localized Geographic Characteristics

Go Deep Aids to Navigation has experience incorporating the above parameters with a detailed knowledge of light emitting AtoN and solar engine components. This allows us to properly “Solar Size” your AtoN with a compact and reliable solar power generator.

With wholesale access to all of the necessary components to build solar power generators our solar powered systems are complete and cost competitive. We are also able to provide individual components for the maintenance and repair of existing systems. Let Go Deep Aids to Navigation power your next light emitting aid to navigation project.