Around the world, remote monitoring and control of marine aids has become standard practice. We provide our customers with web-based software allowing us to provide a robust option for real-time monitoring. All components required for operation are contained within the housing of our products and do not require antennas or additional hardware.

Our user-friendly monitoring software is compatible with all desktop and laptop computers, operating systems, tablets and mobile devices. So long as an internet connection is present, access to the software is available. Users can also take advantage of a mobile app designed for iOS and Android devices to extend their user experience and monitor on-the-go. The software has the flexibility to monitor vessel traffic with an optional Automatic Identification System (AIS) representation for fleet management. It also supports one and two-way communication between the software and marine aids.

Our software and associated systems have been tested in real-world conditions. It is designed to adapt to meet your exclusive needs no matter how narrow or broad they are in scope. New stations can be added and removed easily within the interface, with the click of a mouse.

GSM (Global System for Mobile) activation of marine aids provides mariners an advantage to manipulate fixed and floating visual aids to navigation. Mariners may use their cellular phone or handheld device to change the colour and operational behaviours of marine lanterns.

The Go Deep GSM system can provide reporting on a marine aid’s GPS position, the amount of energy generated by solar power (if applicable) and the power consumed by an aid over a specific period of time. By using exception based monitoring and reporting, it can also sound an alarm when a specific marine aid has lifted its mooring and is out of position.

A VHF (Very High Frequency) line-of-sight activation solution is suitable for applications where aids to navigation do not need to be in operation at all times. Fog horns and navigational lanterns have the ability to be activated by those that need them, when they need them. By signalling a number of times on a vessel’s VHF unit, the applicable marine aids are activated for a period of time and are automatically powered off.

The Go Deep VHF activation solution is reasonably priced and industry leading. It prolongs the lifecycle of marine aids and allows for the use of solar power, saving you the cost of electricity, replacement parts and maintenance.

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