Marine Structure Design

We can assist you with your fixed aid support marine structure design. We have a portfolio of standard designs by engineers for smaller beacons as well as experience working with engineers to design custom structures for large commercial projects. We know that the most important function of any support structure is to put the visual aids to navigation in the proper position to work as the mariner expects.

Shore-based “fixed” aids to navigation require a platform on which to be mounted. The level of detail associated with this platform is a function of the requirements of the fixed aid and the environment in which the fixed aid is being installed.

A common short range solar powered navigation lantern or range light can often be mounted directly to an existing structure or if needed, on a short support pole on that structure. PEL sector lights along with other sophisticated beacons require an engineered structural solution.  Mariners rely on the precision of PEL lights to safely navigate in challenging environments.  A well designed structure can avoid misinformation being provided to the mariner.

Support structures often require day boards to be attached to them. This allows for the use of a less powerful beacon or light at night as the day board provides the necessary daytime information to the mariner. As the day board dramatically affects the wind-load on a support structure its design must be established and factored into the overall configuration of the structure.

The possibility of theft and vandalism is also a concern when designing structures for fixed aids to navigation. Depending on the level of concern, varying degrees of protection can be designed into the support structure. For example, a completely enclosed structure with a security system can be designed for remote installations where concerns of theft and vandalism are highest. Where the concern is not as significant, a small lockable enclosure can be designed to fit over the aid. Access to the tower the aid is on can be restricted as well.

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