NPA (NWPA) Compliance

The NWPA or Navigable Waters Protection Act (now the Navigation Protection Act or NPA) protects the public’s right to marine safety and navigation in navigable waters within Canada. The Act is administered by Transport Canada under the Navigation Protection Program. Regulatory Approval under the Navigation Protection Program is required for all works that risk a substantial interference with navigation if they occur in a waterway contained in the schedule to the Act.

Existing and potential obstructions to navigation such as marine construction, waterfront structures and aquaculture equipment must seek approval and comply with an approval from Transport Canada. NPA officers will review applications and determine what, if any, Aids to Navigation (AtoNs) will be required to provide safe navigation in that specific location.

Over the past decade, we have assisted hundreds of clients to comply with the requirements outlined in their NPA approval. We have also offered assistance in communicating with Transport Canada to seek amendments that can reduce cost while maintaining or improving the visibility of projects to mariners.

We offer complete packages to ensure compliance, including navigation buoys, custom markings and self-contained beacons. We also supply mooring lines for each buoy based on the site conditions and the recommended anchor block weight and dimensions.

Our experience combined with our product offerings allow us to provide a unique service that will ensure your project is NPA compliant with minimal effort and maximum satisfaction. If you require immediate assistance marking an existing structure or you are at the planning stage for a new project, we are here to assist you.

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