Navigation Plan Design

Navigation plan design can range in complexity from a short channel servicing a marina or yacht club to a multi-approach, on demand, remote monitored navigation system used for commercial purposes at Oil & Gas terminals and large Ports & Harbours.

There are many challenges that are present when designing a comprehensive navigation plan, from accommodating the minimum and maximum vessel sizes to adverse environmental conditions and budgetary constraints. We work to overcome obstacles by using our experience and creativity to design quality navigation plans that are efficient, cost effective and safe.

Go Deep Aids to Navigation has a comprehensive product offering of visual Aids to Navigation (AtoN). These products are designed to work together to create a complete Navigation System.  Each item has a specific purpose, depending on the environmental and/or geographic limitations of a particular location.

Working in conjunction with the end user, Go Deep determines the level of service required by the mariner and creates a navigation plan around that requirement. Some projects will lend themselves to a buoyed channel while others will rely predominantly on shore-based “fixed” AtoN such as range or sector lights. The use of both “fixed” and “floating” aids in conjunction with one another may also be the best solution.

Once the right combination of AtoN is selected to satisfy the level of service, we then provide drawings and mock ups of the proposed navigation plan. These are created using digital charts and readily available satellite imagery. We provide these resources to the end user so that they may approve the design. If necessary, we create more detailed drawings of the navigation plan with the assistance of surveyors and aerial photography.

Go Deep is also available to consult on projects where a navigation plan has been provided by a governmental authority or other third party. Our expertise allows us to determine any potential alternative plans that may be more efficient, less costly or provide a safer overall design. Allow us to put our navigation plan design experience to work for you. Contact us by filling out the form to the right.