Ice Buoy Marine Lantern

Features & Benefits


  • Rugged bronze alloy housing for installation in harsh marine environments
  • Designed to be fully water proof
  • Can withstand submersion down to 100 meters
  • Integrates firmly into buoy top
  • Presents a very low profile to lateral forces from ice
  • Enables battery replacement through lantern without removing the lantern from buoy
  • Visual range from 2 to 6 nautical miles (Tc = 0.74)
  • Standard IALA colours Red, Green,White and Yellow
  • Extremely low power consumption; ideal for primary battery operation
  • Integrated flasher with day light switch
  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Configuration and field maintenance with wireless Sabik Easy Programmer, PDA or with a computer
  • Integrated 365 day event log
  • Optionally integrated GPS synchronization
  • Optionally integrated GSM Remote monitoring


General Specifications

Lens Visual/Mechanical Diameter
6.3 in (160 mm)
Lens Material
UV stabilized Polycarbonate
Light Source
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Vertical Divergence
10º @ 50% (±1º), 20º @ 10% (±2º) of peak intensity
Unit Lifetime
Up to 10 years
55.12 lbs (25 kg)
Temperature Range
-40 to 160 ºF (-40 to +60 ºC)
Degree of Protection
IP 68
Supply Voltage
10-32 VDC
Solar Panel Charger
16 A PWM charger
Power Consumption
6 W

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