Up to 10 Nautical Miles

Features & Benefits


  • Range up to 7.8 NM (T=0.74)
  • Range up to 10.8 NM (T=0.85)
  • Up to 445 peak cd (White)
  • Top-mounted, "tap-to-activate" 4-character LED display. Easily check light settings without an external controller
  • Built-in calendar fucntion; de-activate and re-activate according to seasonal requirements
  • Simplified programming. Optional mini remote with navigational keys. No transitioning required
  • Multiple divergences for fixed or floating installations (8º or 10º)
  • Multiple battery pack options (up to 40% lighter than 700 series lanterns)
  • Optional low earth orbit satellite monitoring capabilities offer remote reporting on battery state of charge/lantern health and geopositioning


General Specifications

Solar Panel
High-efficiency cells. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for optimal energy collection.
Multiple best-in-class battery pack options. 96 or 200 Wh. Extreme temperature range
Light Source
High Flux Surface Mount LEDs with colour-specific temperature-corrected LED driver provides consistent intensity under all operating conditions
Maximum Peak Intensity (IALA peak)
445 cd (White LEDs), 320 cd (Yellow), 290 cd (Green), 239 cd (Red)
Vertical Divergence
8° or 10° (FWHM)
Flash Patterns
250+ (including steady-on and custom codes)
Premium grade UV resistant, polycarbonate lens/head and polycarbonate/polysiloxane co-polymer base. Thermoplastic gaskets. Waterproof vented battery compartment. Colour-coded lantern head indicates LED colour.
Red, Green, White, and Yellow
Operating Temperature
-22 to 122 °F (-30 to 50 °C)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 176 °F (-40 to 80 °C) Not including batteries.
Model 96E 14.0 lbs (6.4kg) Model 200BC (22.4 lbs (10.2 kg)
3 or 4 bolt 7.87" (200mm) mounting pattern
Wind Loading
140 knots (72 m/s)
Ice Loading
0.03 psi (22 kg/m2)

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