Up to 4 Nautical Miles

Features & Benefits


  • Range up to 2 NM
  • NEW GPS synchronized flash option
  • Up to 60 candela IALA peak intensity
  • Available in all IALA chromaticity colours
  • Intelligent deployment location settings protect against improper configuration
  • Intuitive on-board user interface, infrared remote and software programmability
  • Replaceable and recyclable battery pack


  • Unprecedented Reliability: microprocessor Energy Management System (EMS) monitors and adapts the light to environmental conditions for consistent operation and long life under the toughest conditions.
  • Designed and tested to the toughest industrial standards: immersion, shock and vibration, corrosion, solar radiation, chemical resistance, hail and EMC/EMI/ESD. See spec sheet for test information.
  • Intelligent settings: the first solar product to incorporate intelligent deployment location settings that allow the M650 to be tuned to its location, protecting it against improper configuration. Lantern automatically adjusts for Schmidt-Clausen.
  • Self-contained and low maintenance: all components are incorporated within a compact, stand-alone unit for easy deployment and relocation. A replaceable battery pack extends service life beyond five years, reducing total cost of ownership and resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Green solution: a clean, renewable and reliable energy source with the lightest environmental footprint. Recyclable batteries and RoHS compliant.


General Specifications

Solar Panel
High-efficiency cells with bypass and blocking diode function. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for optimal energy collection.
Tool-less replaceable and recyclable best-in-class battery pack with extreme temperature range. Battery status feeback of Good, Charge, Low, Bad (Replace) and actual battery voltage.
Light Source
High-power LED. Colour-specific temperature-corrected LED drivers provide consistent intensity under all operating conditions.
Maximum Peak Intensity
60 cd (White LEDs)
Vertical Divergence
>8* (FWHM)
Flash Patterns
256+ (including steady-on) Custom available.
Day / Night Transitions
Selectable from 25 to 925 lux in 25 lux increments
Premium grade UV resistant, polycarbonate/polysiloxane co-polymer body and lens material. Double O-ring sealing with waterproof vent.
Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue. As per IALA "Optimum" Recommendation E-200-1, December 2008.
Operating Temperature
-45 to 124 *F (-43 to 80 *C) ambient temperature. The M650 will function up to 190 *F (88 *C) internal and surface temperatures.
Storage Temperature
-45 to 176 *F (-43 to 80* C) Not including batteries.
Colour indicator
Yes. Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue.
3.5 lb (1.58 kg)
Wind Loading
140 knots (72 m/s)
Ice Loading
0.03 psi (22 kg/m2)
Automatic Light Control (ALC)
When enabled, ALC will dynamically reduce brightness to unusually low amounts of sunlight to ensure continued operation.
Programmable with optional infrared programmer
GPS Synchronization
Optional GPS enables two or more lanterns to flash in unison

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