LO 200

Marine Range Light

Features & Benefits


  • Adjustable intensity from 5% to 100%
  • Fully waterproof housing with PTFE vent for breathing
  • Visual range up to 15 NM (TC - 0.74)
  • Polycarbonate lens with 120 pcs minuature Fresnel elements for a high-efficiency, precision beam
  • Includes integrated level indicator, light beam adjuster and precision alignment gun sight
  • Available in standard IALA red, green, white and yellow
  • Low power consumption suitable for solar power
  • Flasher with daylight switch integrates with lantern or installed externally in battery cabin
  • 16 ampere PWM solar panel regulator included when integrated flasher is supplied
  • Multiple programming and control options available (Sabik Easy Programmer, PDA Programmer or USB/IR interface)
  • Optional GPS synchronization
  • Optional night time reduction if operated day and night


General Specifications

Up to 15 NM (TC = 0.74)
Lens Visual/Mechanical Diameter
8 in (203 mm)
Lens Material
UV stabilized Polycarbonate
Light Source
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Vertical Divergence
4º @ 50% (±1º) of peak intensity 8º @ 10% (±2º) of peak intensity
Unit Lifetime
Up to 10 years
Temperature Range
-40 ºF to 140 ºF (-40 ºC to 60 ºC)
Supply Voltage
9 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption
15 watts red/yellow, 12 watts green/white at full intensity

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