Tower Illumination Light

Features & Benefits


  • Maintenance-free LED technology; white LED
  • Degree of protection: IP 66, seawater-resistant design, corrosion category C5-1
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Power consumption 30 W at maximum operating light intensity (50,000 cd)
  • Integrated control electronics
  • Bracket mount suitable for installation on railings; bracket made from stainless steel, ANSI316
  • Cable supplied to customer specifications firmly attached to the lamp. Cabling is resistant to sea water and oil (B+, B-, P, PE)


  • The LED LO 200 HW FSLis designed as a temporary marker for helipad arrival and departure corridors at offshore wind farms.


General Specifications

Lens Visual/Mechanical Diameter
8.9 x 4.3 in (225 m m x110 mm)
Light Source
High Power Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs )
Divergence (Horizontal and Vertical)
(8±1º) @ 50% maximum intensity
Maxmimum Intensity (Optical Axis) 50,000 cd
(15±2º) @ 10% maximum intensity
8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)
Temperature Range
-40 to 140 ºF (-40 to +60 ºC)
Degree of Protection
IP 66
Supply Voltage
20 - 30 VDC
Power Consumption
30 W (Vin=24 V DC, 100% pulse width)

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