HBL 110

Up to 5 Nautical Miles

Key Dimensions

Key Dimensions

Up to 4 Nautical miles
Vertical Divergence
8° @ 50% (±1°) of Peak Intensity
2.8 kg
Unit Lifetime
Up to 10 years

Technical Drawings

Carmanah Sabik HBL 110 Self Contained Marine Lantern Technical Drawing

Features & Benefits


  • Range up to 5 NM (Tc=0.85)
  • GPS synchronization as standard
  • Vertical Divergence 8° @ 50% (±1°) of Peak Intensity
  • Integrated flasher with day and night switch
  • Remote monitoring with LightGuard Monitor


  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Programming with all Sabik wireless programmers
  • New: programmable up to 50 meters distance using Bluetooth technology


General Specifications

Vertical Divergence
8° @ 50% (±1°) of Peak Intensity
Up to 5 Nautical miles
Maximum Fixed Intensity
40 cd (Red), 40 cd (Green), 50 cd (Blue), 45 cd (Yellow)
2.8 kg
Solar Power
Temperature Range
-40° to +60°C
Lens Visual/Mechanical Diameter
166 mm
Lens Material
UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
Light Source
High Power Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Unit Lifetime
Up to 10 years
Sabik SMC Flasher
Degree of Protection
IP 67
Battery Voltage NiMH
6.0 VDC
Battery Capacity NiMH
26 Ah
LightGuard GSM + GPS
Integrated GSM based monitoring including GSM/GPS antennas
Optical Feedback System
Integrated LED Performance Measurement
Shock & Tilt Sensor
Integrated 3-axis G Sensor for Tilt and Shock Sensing

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