Spar Buoy

Key Dimensions

Technical Drawings

Features & Benefits


  • Manufactured to stringent Coast Guard requirements
  • Design disperses mooring loads throughout structure
  • Rugged 10mm wall thickness in MDPE
  • Proprietary IALA E108 Compliant colour with UV-20 protection package
  • Foam filled core, will not sink if punctured or damaged
  • 316 Stainless steel inserts for Top Marks and Lantern attachment
  • 316 Stainless steel lifting eye with fixed connection to mooring eye
  • 316 Stainless steel mooring eye
  • Conformance to IALA Recommendations
  • Available in Lateral, Cardinal, Isolated Danger, Safe Water and Special Mark


  • Large cost effective Spar buoy for marking inshore channels
  • Large durable single float construction
  • Designed to withstand harsh Canadian weather conditions
  • Good inshore Visual Target Area with a 1.25 NM visible range
  • Good inshore Radar Detection [10m2 (Avg at +/- 3 deg.)]
  • Optional Top Marks and Lantern attachment
  • 316 stainless steel hardware and lifting eye
  • Can be deployed from small vessel
  • Ultra-low maintenance and does not require sand-blast and painting


Performance Specifications

Focal Plane Height [Maximum]
2.03 m
Draught [Minimum]
2.17 m
Reserve Buoyancy [at max FP]
300 kg
Minimum Mooring Weight
235 kg
Maximum Mooring Weight
450 kg
Visual Area/Surface [at max FP]
1.0 m2
Visual Range [at max FP]
1.25 NM Double
Radar Reflector (Optional)
12" Octahedral (10m2)
Radar Range
1.5 NM

Operating Conditions

Air Temperature Range
-40 C to + 50 C
Water Temperature Range
-2 C to + 50 C
Operational Current
0 to 2 knots
Survival Current Speed
6 knots
Operational Wind Speed
0 to 30 knots
Survival Wind Speed
80 knots
Operational Wave Height
2.00 m
Survival Wave Height
5.00 m

Material Specifications

Topmark (Optional)
Daymark Structure
Core Structure
Lifting & Mooring Structure
316 Stainless Steel Mooring and Lifting Lug
Lifting Break Load
12,465 kg
Buoy Hull
Rotationally molded virgin MDPE with UV20 protection package
Wall Thickness (in / mm)
10 mm
Foam Filling (Optional)
Closed cell EPS fused in-situ block
IALA compliant colours in accordance with IALA Specification E108
IALA Compliance Testing
Independendent Laboratory Test Results available
Colorfastness Test Procedure
Xenon Arc Accelerated Weathering per ASTM D-2565
Colorfastness Testing
Independendent Laboratory Test Results available per ASTM-D2244
Product Life Expectancy
> 20 Years
5 Years

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